Enjoy Your Baby

A course for new moms


We are excited to announce that a brand new course for new mothers, Enjoy Your Baby, has been piloted based off of the Living Life to the Full material. Enjoy Your Baby is a new mental health course aimed at new mothers, which provides support and training in key skills to maintain wellness and cope with symptoms of low mood, stress and anxiety in the year after the birth of a child. It is also meant to prevent more serious problems such as postpartum depression. This course was co-created in 2014 by the author of Enjoy Your Baby Booklet, Dr. Chris Williams, UK psychiatrist and internationally renowned expert in cognitive-behavioral-therapy (CBT); and Dr. Michelle Haring, a BC-based registered psychologist, and expert in both CBT and reproductive mental health.
The pilot study, which was delivered in 2014 and 2015 by 4 CMHA branches (Vancouver-Fraser, Victoria, North & West Vancouver, and Prince George) including a total of 60 participants, showed a pattern of lower risk of depression and better mental well-being across pre & post course scores.


You can read more about the pilot project here:


Enjoy Your Baby Pilot Course- Summary Report

We are currently looking for funding to make the recommended changes to the course before rolling it out nationally


Enjoy Your Baby booklet available for purchase

Although the Enjoy Your Baby course is not being offered yet, check out our online store to purchase the booklet. 

Update January 9, 2018: The booklet is currently not available. We are presently working on the new edition and hoping to print it this year. 


If you’re ready to sort out your thoughts, get some sleep, find some energy, get back to your old self, and build a relationship with the new person in your life, this booklet is for you. All you have to do is read through a couple of pages at a time and try out the tips and strategies. In two weeks, you’ll have the skills you need to enjoy your baby — and enjoy your own life.



You were hoping for a fairy tale… but what you got was poo. Being a parent can be tough. You may be exhausted, confused, overwhelmed,or worried about how well you’re doing. Then there’s the added expectation that this is supposed to be the best time of your life! But fairy tales are fairy tales because they aren’t very close to reality.”



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