Free access to a key research paper published by C. Williams in 2018

Chris Williams, author of Living Life to the Full, recently published a research paper in The British Journal of Psychology. This key paper assesses the effectiveness of Living Life to the Full on symptoms of depression, anxiety and social function at 6 months. It is the first study that has explored the value of written CBT resources for low mood and stress delivered via a course of self-help classes in a community setting.


It shows that delivery by charities can both recruit people who often aren’t accessing health service care PLUS is an effective and cost effective treatment for depression. Symptoms are improved and the intervention is cost neutral: the costs of delivering the treatment are saved by the effects of the treatment (ie people need less health care).

We invite you to read this paper that is currently accessible by clicking on the following link:

Community-based group guided self-help intervention for low mood and stress: randomised controlled trial


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