About the Course

Living Life to the Full is a 12-hour, eight-week course


There are 8 sessions, 90 minutes each, once a week. Trained and certified facilitators will teach materials and lead group activities to help you practice different skills or strategies. The sessions are designed to help participants identify problem areas and give them the tools and skills to make changes. Not necessarily big changes, but changes that will last because participants learn what works for them through the courses.

You`ll also have lots of opportunities to exchange ideas with other participants in your group. Each session includes booklets and handouts that support the skills you learn. Course contents and materials are practical and easily applied to everyday life situations. Each session focuses on a new topic to provide participants with the knowledge and skills needed to cope with daily challenges.

You’ll get the most out of Living Life to the Full when you practice your new skills in your daily life and find the strategies that work for you.

You can take Living Life to the Full in two ways: you can register for in-person group sessions in your community or order the course materials and work through the course on your own.


8 friendly sessions, 9 fun booklets


Each session addresses a new topic, like: understanding your mood, improving your self-esteem, etc. and is based on a booklet.

The first booklet, Write All Over Your Bathroom Mirror is aimed at helping you maximize the use you will make of these booklets.


Additional Living Life to the Full Booklets

In addition to the course booklets and handouts, there are other booklets that may help.

  • Reclaim Your Life: From illness, disability, pain, or fatigue

This booklet is for anyone who experiences illness, a disability, pain, mobility problems, fatigue, or any other health problem.

Whether you’ve recently received a diagnosis (maybe even a diagnosis that scared you) or have been dealing with an illness or problem for years, you can take back your life and look beyond the problem.

 This booklet will guide you through your own Life Reclamation Plan and give you 11 strategies to reclaim your life.





  • Worry + In Case of Panic



In three simple steps, you’ll master anxious thoughts and take control of your worry. If worry is triggering a panic attack, flip the booklet over and find strategies and tips to help you manage panic.





  • Enjoy Your Baby

Who are the courses for?

Everyone! People from all walks of life, all ages, can benefit from one of the Living Life to the Full courses! They are for anyone dealing with stress, anxiety or just needing help in dealing with life’s challenges.

The Living Life to the Full courses can also help anyone in periods of transition, whether it is getting ready to leave high school, preparing for retirement, or moving to a new community.

Where are the courses delivered?

The Living Life to the Full course is available in many communities across Canada through the Canadian Mental Health Association branches and partner organizations.

It’s easy to register, no referral needed, just get in touch with the branch or organization in your community and see if they offer the course, and REGISTER (click here to find a course close to you).

If you are unable to attend a course, or if it’s not available in your community, you can order the Living Life to the Full booklets.  They are the same booklets you’d receive if you were taking a group course. Each book provides background information, practical tips and advice, and useful activities to help you use your new skills in your own life. (Click here to access the online store.)

CBT based

The sessions are based on the 5 Areas Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) model as developed by Dr. Chris Williams – an expert and trainer in CBT, and Professor of Psychosocial Psychiatry at the University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

CBT is an evidence-based therapy approach, which means that it has been evaluated in a scientifically sound way and has been found to work well.

This approach teaches that all the things we experience, think, feel, and do are interconnected. It also teaches that just as an event, thought, feeling, behaviour or physical symptom can start the chain reaction that gets us down, so we can reverse the process and use this interconnection to rebuild happiness.

The Living Life to the Full courses are not a replacement for therapy or counselling. If you need help connecting with mental health services, you might want to speak to your physician or go to your local Canadian Mental Health Association. Living Life to the Full is suitable for individuals experiencing low mood and mild to moderate symptoms of depression. It is not recommended for people coping with symptoms of Post-traumatic stress disorder or people who have been diagnosed with severe depression or anxiety.

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