Want to Live your Life to the Full?

Want to know how to feel happier, more confident and worry less right now? Would you like to learn new ways of dealing with what life throws at you?  Living Life to the Full offers you enjoyable and interactive courses that will help you understand your feelings, thoughts and behaviors, and what to do about them!

In 8 fun, friendly 90-minute sessions, Living Life to the Full helps people make a difference in their lives. Each session is moderated by a trained facilitator and includes a booklet, handouts, exercises and discussions.

This CMHA flagship program is available in many communities across Canada through your Canadian Mental Health Association branches or through our partner organizations. Click here to find out if the course you would like is available in your area and how to register.

If you are unable to attend a course in your community or if you prefer working on your own, you can also order the booklets. They are easy to read, with lots of information, strategies and exercises. They will help you make changes in your life and put you on the path to feeling better.  Visit the Store to order your booklets today!


Living Life to the Full was developed by Dr. Chris Williams, UK psychiatrist, and CMHA BC Division holds the exclusive licence to the program in Canada.

Living Life to the Full is suitable for individuals experiencing low mood and mild to moderate symptoms of depression. It is not recommended for people who have been diagnosed with severe depression, anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder. Visit our Resources page to find other forms of support if Living Life to the Full is not suitable for you.

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